Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ten Steps For A Good Research Paper Writing

Each student wants to become a good writer and willing to submit his / her research paper assignment on time, but there are lots of problems during analysis and research. Writing expertise is not only the key for a good research paper but there are lots of other requirements for a good research paper. You must be sure about your topic, you must know what you want to say, and say it confidently. Following are ten steps which will help you in writing a research paper.

Step 1. Choose Your Topic.
Step 2. Locate Information.
Step 3. Prepare Bibliography Cards.
Step 4. Prepare Note Cards.
Step 5. Prepare an Outline.
Step 6. Write A Rough Draft.
Step 7. Revise Your Rough Draft.
Step 8. Prepare Your Bibliography.
Step 9. Prepare a Title Page and Table of Contents.
Step 10. Final Checklist.

The above is the overview of Ten major writing points for a good research paper, I will explain each point in my coming post, which must help you in your research paper assignment.